Orchard Park Neighborhood Alliance

Orchard Park logoOrchard Park Neighborhood Alliance

Neighbors working together with the city to create a safe, clean, family-friendly, and vibrant neighborhood

Boundaries: Oakdale/Roselle/Briggsmore/Floyd

Google Drive Folder

Welcome! – who we are

Read It’s a beautiful day to be a neighbor (July 2016) in the ModestoView! And here is then and now (May 2017).

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Watch our short LoveMo promo (vid) during our 2017 project!

Fundraising – Orchard Park:

Meetings and Updates:

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In this folder:

Modesto Services

  • Sooooo many. Check ’em all out.

Modesto Maps (& Other)

National Night Out application and Block Party resources

  • In this folder:
  • Application
  • Handouts (incl. Block Map in English & español)
  • Resources
  • Et Cetera

Private Security

Neighborhood Survey & Results

Check out these helps at our Facebook page:

Our Facebook page has LOTS of photos!


3 Responses to Orchard Park Neighborhood Alliance

  1. Phyllis Ashton says:

    Thanks to Maryann Spikes for all the time & effort she puts into Orchard Park website. She has done a great job keeping us all informed & has brought our neighborhood together .

  2. Lina Gibson says:

    Please post high lights from the meeting if possible, I cannot attend tonight.

    • Hi Lina, Thank you for your message. We reviewed the presentation on the greening of J. St., the Day Center/Low Barrier Shelter which is being presented at the Modesto City Council this Tuesday. Our various neighborhood representatives shared their activities. If you are intersted in a topic please use the email: modestoneighborhoods@gmail.com and we can get back to you with more specifics. Thank you for your inquiry and interest.

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