In 2004 a small group of La Loma residents met to discuss issues they were facing in their neighborhood. They created an action plan of volunteer neighbors to benefit the area called La Loma Neighborhood for all who lived and worked within the boundaries. They worked together to tackle crime, blight, and build a stronger, safer community, which has served as a model for others to follow. The City of Modesto also wrote an initiative to promote partnerships to engage neighborhoods and create a sense of community. The purpose was to create safer neighborhoods by getting to know each other and working together with city/county officials and agencies. 

The above effort evolved into Modesto Neighborhoods Inc., a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, 501 c (3) in May 2012. It is lead by volunteer leaders from neighborhood areas. It is not a political or religious group. It is set up to support a city-wide network for Modesto residents. A familiar slogan for the city is Modesto, A City of Great Neighbors.

Modesto Neighborhoods partners with local businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, City of Modesto and County of Stanislaus law enforcement, Modesto Fire Department, City of Modesto Parks, Recreation & Neighborhoods Department and like-minded community groups. 


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